What Our Tenants Are Saying

My daughter is one of Rob’s tenants and I feel compelled to share my story.  She moved to Halifax from Saskatchewan to attend Dalhousie and has rented from Rob for over a year now.  She’s often spoken about how good a landlord he is, especially after hearing all too many horror stories about others.  But this weekend he truly went above and beyond.  With hurricane Dorian looming, Rob called them on Friday to discuss preparations and safety concerns.  Then on Saturday morning he actually came to visit them to make sure that they had properly prepared themselves and would be safe.  He even told them that if they had any concerns or problems that they could call him and he would come get them!  As a parent many provinces away, I can’t even express how grateful I am to know that my daughter and her roommates have such a caring landlord.  Thank you Rob!
Rob’s four-bedroom apartment at 1957 Vernon has treated myself and my roommates very well over the last two years.  It is the ideal distance from the superstore, NSLC, and Dalhousie; we lived very comfortably. Additionally, separating the living space and the bedrooms over three floors is very advantageous; we could have friends over without disturbing studying roommates. Rob handled the, rare, problems very quickly and efficiently; he cares a lot about his tenants. Renting from Rob has been a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone.  
1957 Vernon
Rob has been an incredible help to me as a tenant. Story time... Rob had initially shown my friends and I some apartments two years ago. Unfortunately, we chose an apartment that was not owned by him. (If I could go back in time, I would pick one of his properties in a heartbeat.)After, 2 years of dealing with a horrible landlord (rats, water damage, showing-up unannounced etc.), my friend and I wanted out. At the end of our lease... this horrible landlord was withholding our security deposits (without reason). Long story short, despite not being our landlord, Rob played a big part in getting the money back. I don’t know anyone else who, just out of sympathy and good morals, would help a tenant that wasn’t his. He truly is one of the good ones! Thanks Rob!
Not my tenant
Signing a lease for the first time can be very stressful, it might be your first house and you aren't sure how to go about it. With Rob as our landlord he made it very clear what needed to be done, there was no confusion and he never left us hanging. On top of that he is always very attentive to our emails, questions, and concerns. He was never hesitant in helping us out with regards to the house, and is super easy to get along with, and sometimes joke around with.
1957 Vernon St
1957 Vernon St
When we first saw our apartment at 5654 Morris St. we signed our lease on the spot within a matter of 15 minutes. We walked into the open concept kitchen and living room space and insantly fell in love. Not only has the apartment been fabulous but our landlord has been so great as well! . Rob has been an amazingly accommodating landlord, and is quick to fix whatever needs to get done. As an example, we wanted the water coming out of our shower to be warmer, we texted Rob in the morning and he had someone over within the hour to fix it. He always answers texts and e-mails within a few hours and has never turned down any of our requests or concerns. His weekly garbage reminders are key, and have saved us lot’s of money in potential fines! If we had been able to find a sixth roommate we would not have left!!    The girls at 5654 Morris St.
Morris St.
I can not say enough good things about Rob as a landlord. He is always there when you need him no matter what time of day and consistently goes above and beyond to make sure his tenants are looked after. He always looks to find the quickest solution to any problem while trying to ensure the least impact on his tenants and he genuinely cares about the people who rent from him. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a property in the Halifax area. 
Wellington St
To say the least, Rob Gale is a great landlord. From weekly garbage reminders to instant key delivery at the most desperate times, Rob knows how to take care of his tenants!
Wellington St
When we were moving into this house, we were worried that we would be far away from campus and our friends. We soon realized that we could not have chosen a better location. With a ten minute walk to campus, and a two minute walk to the NSLC, Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Park Lane Mall, most of our friends realized that this was a great location and started to move into the area. We love being able to walk to the bars, the board walk, and Point Pleasant park. Our unit is great for entertaining friends because of the open concept kitchen and living room. If we ever had any problems at all our landlord always responded quickly and fixed any problems we had. After three years of living at 5654 Morris we are definitely sad to leave our home away from home. 
Morris St.
Finding a good landlord when you are a student in Halifax is difficult. I have many friends who have landlords that won't return their calls, won't come even when it is necessary. Me and my four other twenty year old female roommates are pretty incompetent when dealing with many issues, a clogged sink, blowing the fuses, internet not working. Our oven broke and he had a new one ordered by the next day. One email to rob and he is at our door to fix the issue. He is always available and always in contact, even when it's things that don't fall under his job description.  We have nothing but positive things to say about rob, he has made our transition into renters so much easier.    Juliana
Windsor St