Frequently Asked Questions

When is garbage day?
We have an emergency, who do we call?

The first call should be made to the owner of your building. If you can't get that person, call one of the other numbers...

Rob         449-1054

Alan         830-4519

Michele    441-8602

We have no heat or hot water....

Walk down to the furnace room and make sure no one has turned off a red emergency switch to the boiler. If you see a switch in the off position, turn it on. If you can't find any switches turned off, call Rob....

Everyone had their hairdryer on and now the lights are out! What do we do?

Unplug all the hairdryers that overloaded the circuit. Look for the breaker panel in your unit. Look for one of the breakers to be slightly out of column with all the others. Push the breaker AWAY from the direction of all the other breakers, and then once it has reset, push in back in column going the SAME direction as all the other breakers.

How do you bundle cardboard for recycling?

Bundled - Place beside blue bag

What goes in paper recycling?
  • Dry and clean paper
  • Newspapers, flyers
  • Glossy magazines, catalogues
  • Envelopes
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Paperbacks & phone books
  • Newspaper and other recyclable paper products can be placed in any grocery/retail carry-out bag or other clear plastic bag.
  • Please do not mix paper in the same bag as blue bag recyclables.
  • You can keep paper dry by placing a second retail bag over the open end.
What can go in the blue bag recycling?
  • All plastic bags including: grocery, retail, bread, dry cleaning & frozen food bags, bubble wrap.
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Steel & aluminum cans
  • Clean aluminum foil & plates
  • Paper milk cartons, Mini Sips & Tetra Juice Paks
  • Plastic Bags/ Wrap:

    Grocery, bread, produce and frozen vegetable bags, bubble wrap and other plastic film/wrap items etc…

    Place all bags and wrap in a grocery bag, tie, then place in the blue bag with other recyclables.

  • Plastic food tubs, lids and containers for:

    Yogurt, margarine, sour cream, cottage cheese, cookies, fruit & vegetable trays, salads, plastic clamshells and ice cream etc..

  • Plastic bottles, jugs and jars for:

    Beverages (including milk), shampoo, lotions, cleaners, windshield washer fluid, and other household liquids etc…


I am connected to the network, but can't get internet!

When you are connected to the network but there is no internet, then you are connected to your router (linksys) but the router is not getting the internet from the Modem (Motorola). Unplug only the power to your router. Go to the modem, generally in the laundry room and unplug the power to that as well. Unplug the power to the router in the laundry room. Wait 2 minutes and plug the power back into the modem (with the TV cable attached to it) then plug the power back into the laundry room router, then plug the power back into the router in your unit. Wait  few minutes and you should be back on line. Never disconnect any cables other than the power cable.


If this does not work, call Rob... DO NOT RESET YOUR ROUTER!

My toilet is clogged, how do I clear it?

Get a plunger, rapidly pump up and down about 15 times. Finish by pulling up hard on the last pump. Do this a number of times until the clog is clear. Don't use one of the brown rubber plungers... they are useless.

My toilet is overflowing, what do I do?

First thing, down under the toilet tank is a water valve. Reach down and turn this clockwise. This will shut off the water.